Member Benefits

Win Work:

It’s not all that uncommon that general contractors doing work in our region reach out to us to seek names of contractors who will bid on their work. With a membership, you’ll be on that job list. In addition, our organization provides networking opportunities for you to get to know many of the contractors doing business in the area. Trusting business relationships between companies are key to stability and long-term job opportunities.

Develop People:

So, you’ve hired your people, but they need the proper skills training, safety certifications or they need to enroll in a DOL-approved apprenticeship program. We can help. We’ve got classes set up to help develop your employees into a high functioning team. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, let’s create one together!

Deliver Work Safely:

ABC SEMI offers safety training, CPR and First Aid and more. ABC National has created a nationally-recognized STEP program to help companies track, document and improve their safety experience.

Deliver Work Profitably:

Once you’ve hired the right people and gotten them trained, you can focus on ways to save your company money and increase the profit margins. From our Associated Builders Contractors of Michigan Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Fund (ABC SIWCF) that saves companies sizeable dollars, to fleet vehicles, Verizon cell phone service, Fed Ex and more, we’ve got nationwide negotiated discounts that are available to members. In addition, we’ve also got associate members with the expertise in providing materials and services to the construction industry.

Business Referrals:

ABC SEMI's  Construction Referral Service is the best single source for construction buyers all over the country to identify the right contractor for their project. The CRS refers thousands of ABC SEMI contractors to buyers every year. Local and national referrals are made through a computerized data base of members. Companies from all over the country who plan to work in our area call local office for member information.

Train Your Workforce:

ABC SEMI is now the leading provider of craft training in the industry. Through its educational affiliate, the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), ABC SEMI provides craft training classes year round in 5 different trades. Classes held lead towards a certificate from ABC SEMI and the Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, thus resulting in a more productive tradesperson.

Educates Your Managers/Supervisors:

The ABC SEMI offers its members classes on job-site supervision, safety training, scheduling, motivating employees and much more. Teleconferencing and other management classes help train your company’s key employees in their communications and management skills.

Keeps the Government Off Your Back:

ABC SEMI Members are made aware of legislative action concerning open shop construction. Lobbyists in Lansing as well as Washington, D.C., work on your behalf to protect your business interest. Whether it’s keeping you informed of new OSHA/MIOSHA regulations or blocking anti-competitive legislation at the state and federal level.

Assistance with Your Labor Problems/Shortages:

When unexpected labor problems occur. ABC SEMI members get top priority from the most experienced labor counsel in the industry. Our chapter has labor attorneys available to answer your questions regarding business agents, pickets, boycotts, organization attempts or other labor related matters. A free phone call is part of your membership. Labor seminars are also available periodically throughout the year.

Saves Your Business Money:

ABC SEMI has marketing partnerships on critical construction services, substance abuse testing, and much more. Ask us to show you why membership doesn’t cost it pays!

Stay Informed:

ABC SEMI keeps you in the loop with changes in the industry, and provides valuable information to help you perform your job faster, safer, and more cost effectively. As a member you will be mailed “Construction Executive” monthly from our national office. Also, an annual Membership Directory and Construction User’s Guide is produced, listing our members statewide and the services they provide.

Networking Opportunities:

ABC SEMI members prefer to do business with ABC SEMI members. Our chapter provides a number of opportunities for you to meet with other member firms to help identify new opportunities and to help your business grow. At chapter events and meetings, members meet members, as well as suppliers and associates.

Project Recognition:

ABC SEMI offers a variety of programs that promote your company to your most important audience which is your clients. ABC SEMI's chapter magazine and Excellence in Construction Awards, help you promote your firm’s unique capabilities to the community.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

The ABC SEMI Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund is a member run fund which significantly decreases Workers’ Comp costs through careful underwriting, aggressive claims management and the return of premium credits.

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