Sheet metal workers make, install and maintain air conditioning, heating, ventilation and pollution control duct systems. Math and geometry are needed to calculate angles for fabrication and installation of mechanical systems.

Sheet Metal – Level 1

175 Hours Standardized

04101-08 Introduction to the Sheet Metal Trade (5 Hours)
Summarizes the history and development of the sheet metal trade. Explains the benefits of apprenticeship training and identifies career opportunities in the trade. 

04102-08 Tools of the Trade (5 Hours)
Describes the hand and power tools used in the sheet metal trade, including layout tools and cutting, bending and forming machines. Includes safety and maintenance guidelines. 

04103-08 Introduction to Sheet Metal Layout and Processes (7.5 Hours)
Introduces parallel line development, radial line development and triangulation. Covers the selection and use of layout, hand and machine tools. Discusses how to transfer patterns and how to cut, form and assemble parts. 

04104-08 Trade Math One (20 Hours)
Builds and trainees' basic math skills to solve trade-related problems. Covers calculations using denominate numbers, area and volume calculations, English-metric system conversions, basic geometry and calculation of stretchouts

04105-08 Fabrication One - Parallel Line Development (22.5 Hours)
Covers the steps involved in using the parallel line development method to lay out fittings. Includes step-by-step procedures for selected fittings. 

04106-08 Installation of Ductwork (15 Hours)
Addresses ductwork assembly, use of different types of sealants, using lifts and installation of ductwork. Describes the types of fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts and rivets) and supports used in an air distribution system. Discusses proper spacing of hangers, load ratings and installation of hangers and support systems. 

04107-08 Installation of Air Distribution Accessories (5 Hours)
Describes how air distribution accessories such as louvers, dampers and access doors function as part of an air distribution system. Includes installation guidelines and checklist. 

04108-08 Insulation (7.5 Hours)
Describes how to install fiberglass blanket, foam and pipe insulation using approved adhesives and fastening techniques. Also includes the fabrication and installation of fitting overs and preformed fitting covers. 

04109-08 Architectural Sheet Metal (15 Hours)
Teaches how to lay out and fabricate sheet metal components of a roof drainage system, including flashing, gutters and downspouts. 

Sheet Metal – Level 2

165 Hours Standardized

04201-08 Trade Math Two (20 Hours)
Demonstrates how to apply formulas to solve a variety of mathematical problems. Covers linear, area, volume and angle measurement and percentage, ratio and proportion. Provides practical instruction in using protractors, vernier calipers and micrometers and in solving field measuring problems. 

04202-08 Plans and Specifications (20 Hours)
Reviews how to read and interpret section, elevation and detail drawings. Also covers other specifications and other sources of project information. Includes 17 construction drawings. 

04203-08 Fabrication Two - Radial Line Development (55 Hours)
Introduces radial line development principals used to determine layouts for sheet metal fittings. Includes practices layout and fabrication tasks that allow trainees to develop and demonstrate their skills. 

04204-08 Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards (7.5 Hours)
Explains how to determine the requirements for a duct system, including operating pressures, metal gauges, connectors, reinforcements, tie rods and seams. Also, reviews how to use standards, codes and ordinances to design a duct system. 

04205-08 Air Properties and Distribution (15 Hours)
Explains the properties of air and how these properties relate to one another. Teaches how to sue the las laws, psychrometric charts and measuring instruments to evaluate air properties in an air distribution system. 

04206-08 Bend Allowances (5 Hours)
Provides instruction and practice in determining proper bend allowances in sheet metal. Also reviews the interplay of different factors that affect the amount of bend allowance needed and the methods for calculating allowance. 

04207-08 Soldering (15 Hours)
Identifies soldering tools, materials and techniques. Also provides a wide range of soldering tasks for practices. 

04208-08 Basic Piping Practices (7.5 Hours)
Reviews that methods for measuring, cutting and joining selected types of pipe using fittings, hangers and supports. Also reviews pipe materials and applications. 

04209-08 Fiberglass Duct (20 Hours)
Describes fiberglass duct layout and fabrication methods. Also discusses closure, hanging and support methods. Explains how to repair major and minor damage to fiberglass duct. 

Sheet Metal – Level 3

 157.5 Hours Standardized

04301-09 Trade Math Three - Field Measuring and Fitting (15 Hours)
Describes the techniques used for field measuring and layout of ductruns and fittings. Also provides practice in solving field measuring problems. 

04302-09 Air Systems (10 Hours)
Reviews the operating principals, components and applications of common air systems. Discusses constant volume systems variable volume systems, variable temperature systems (VVT), variable air volume systems (VAV) and dual VAV systems. 

04303-09 Principles of Airflow (22.5 Hours)
Explains the basic principals of airflow and reviews how airflow is affected by duct size, shape and fittings. Also reviews the components of an air distribution system. 

04304-09 Louvers, Dampers, and Access Doors (20 Hours)
Discusses the different types of louvers, dampers and access doors used in air distribution systems and reviews the standards that apply to them. 

04305-09 Comprehensive Plan and Specification Reading (30 Hours)
Provides a case-study approach to learning how to sue building plans and specifications to lay out, fabricate and install HVAC systems. Allows trainees to proceed through the module as if they were working on an actual building project. Includes construction drawings. 

04306-09 Fabrication Three - Triangulation (47.5 Hours)
Describes the principals of triangulation and how it can be used to measure ductrun fittings. Provides a variety of tasks to practice development, lay out and fabricating selected ductrun fittings. 

04307-09 Advanced Architectural Sheet Metal (12.5 Hours)
Provides trainees with the opportunity to practice layout, fabrication and installation of various architectural pieces. 

Sheet Metal – Level 4

 150 Hours Standardized

04401-09 Shop Production and Organization (15 Hours)
Introduces the production, organization, planning and control functions that occur in a sheet metal shop. Emphasizes optimization of processes and accurate estimating for competitive bidding. Discusses project planning techniques, principals of efficient shop layout and materials flow, the critical path method and the roles and relationships of shop personnel. 

04402-09 Air Testing and Balancing (25 Hours)
Explains how to balance an air distribution system so that the right amount of air is correctly distributed at the proper velocities and returned to the heating and cooling unit. Reviews the tools and techniques used for adjusting fans, volume dampers, registers and grilles. Provides proper techniques for duct leaking testing.

04403-09 Introduction to Welding, Brazing and Cutting (25 Hours)
Introduces the techniques and proper operation of equipment used for welding, brazing and cutting. Emphasizes safety and awareness of hazards involved. Trainees practice welds in a variety of positions and performs a basic braze. 

04404-09 Fume and Exhaust System Design (25 Hours)
Reviews the codes and specifications pertaining to fume and exhaust system design for safe workspaces. Provides instruction in selecting the appropriate materials for fume or exhaust system components and to identify the different types of hoods and applications for each. 

04405-09 Fabrication Four - Comprehensive Review (40 Hours)
Provides a review of parallel line, radial line and triangulation development methods for laying out sheet metal patterns. Trainees practice laying out and fabricating selected sheet metal fittings using these methods. 

04406-09 Introductory Supervisory Skills (20 Hours)
Teaches skills required to supervise personnel, including leadership, team building, communication and motivation. Discusses gender and cultural issues. Emphasizes principals of the project planning and management, including problem solving and decision making. Presents case studies for student participation.