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Associated builders and contractors
southeastern michigan chapter

Associated Builders and Contractors Southeastern Michigan Chapter is the industry’s force for merit shop construction, having coined the term to describe a method of doing business that rewards people based on their skills, knowledge and abilities, not their membership or ranking in an organization or group. Work should be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder regardless of labor affiliations. ABC SEMI believes that union and merit shop contractors should work in harmony.

ABC SEMI and its members support sound legislation in the areas of workers’ compensation, safety, and unemployment compensation.

ABC SEMI and its members believe legislation embraces fair play for both employer and employee that is the underpinning of our free enterprise system. Laws should protect the rights of employees to work regardless of membership or non-membership in a labor organization.

ABC SEMI promotes and defends the individual’s rights to unlimited opportunities. Merit shop construction provides unlimited growth and career advancement to workers who recognize the value of hard work and dedication. Skill development and experience lead up the path of personal career growth.

ABC SEMI and its members firmly believe that work opportunities in this nation should be available to all people, regardless of race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin.


ABC SEMI and its members believe in the merit shop philosophy and the following statements:

  • That a contractor, supplier or associate business member should have the right to deal with any other business. 
  • That no person’s right to earn a livelihood should be affected by membership or non-membership in a labor organization and that every firm, as provided by law should have the right to operate union, open shop or merit shop as it deems fit.
  • That as a merit shop contractor, supplier or associate member, I will support free enterprise in the construction industry and will not participate in, condone, encourage or support any coercion, intimidation, secondary boycotts, work restrictions or the interference with the right to manage in the best interest of the worker, employer and construction consumer. 

ABC National

ABC SEMI is one of over 70 ABC chapter nationwide. Get to know ABC National and our sister chapters by clicking on the link below. 

ABC National Website